Our empanadas are individually handcrafted and made from scratch with the freshest ingredients.

We take pride in the authenticity of our recipes, and in preparing our empanadas in a simple manner in order to satisfy our customer's hearts and souls.

-Nicolas & Diego

You’re never more than a few yards away from an empanada wherever you travel in Argentina, and you’re all the better for it. Empanada literally means “wrapped in bread” but this description does not do justice to the wonder of this Argentine staple.

No Forks, No Knives, No Fuss!

In Argentina, empanadas are a true local favorite. DelSur Empanadas is the place where you are assured of getting a true 'Argentina' experience. If you need an empanada fix, we'll deliver them to you!

The best of South American cooking, ready-to-bake or right out of the oven (al horno), empanadas are served warm at parties and dinners alike.

Ask us about catering services for your next party or event! 

DelSur Empanadas